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January 16, 2010

Lego Cake

So I made a few square cakes and cut these shapes out of it.  I measured them out so they should look the same as the Lego's they are supposed to represent.  But a bit taller, since taller cakes look better.  I prefer covering my cakes with ganache if I'm going to cover them in fondant, since once it dries I can get it so smooth and don't have to worry about it squeezing out the bottom when I put the fondant on.  It doesn't leave much icing, but my chocolate cake is super moist so I think it's okay.  Maybe next time I'll let it dry and do a second ganache layer to try to get it thicker.  Or maybe even try doing a thin buttercream layer before the ganache layer...  But I like the crisp edges with the ganache versus the soft pillowy effect when there is buttercream squished out all over the place. 
lego birthday cake gnache frosting carved
Anyway, then I covered it with Fondant.  See how sharp the corners and edges are?  You can't get that with buttercream.  Lovely.  It looks a bit cloudy because of the powdered sugar/cornstarch mixture I use when smoothing the sides.  It won't be there soon.  I wanted to do a blue one too, but couldn't find it this time.  I love the green though.  It's my first time working with it. 
lego birthday cake fondant covered
Also for this cake one of the boys attending is allergic to eggs, so I made my first egg-less cake.  After reading about different options online I found this post and decided to try it(using my normal recipe, with the tofu as a substituted for eggs).  Using 1/4 C tofu in place of each egg.  It worked great!  The taste wasn't exactally the same, and certianly not a permanent change but it was surprisinly good, still better than anything in a box!  And the guest with the allergies loved that he was actually able to partake of the party goodies!

And the final cake.  I decided not to put the Lego logo on the top of every dot because it's just so cute this way I didn't want to risk messing it up with my horrid handwriting skills.  I used the same steaming technique I used on this cake to get the shiny look.  I loved it, and luckily so did my son and his friends.  So there you have it, a Lego cake, the only question now is if my other son want's a Lego party too what will I do for his cake???
lego bricks birthday cake fondant covered built