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October 15, 2007

Chocolate Week Day 1

So I was scavenging the Internet for all things chocolate when I came across this: Chocolate Week 2007. I was so excited! Of course it's in the UK, and so I live no where CLOSE to any of the wonderful smelling tasting events. But why not celebrate on my own. So I thought I'd make something NEW and Chocolate every day this week. To day I decided to try a variation of my Hot Chocolate (I tend to get onto something and stay one it for awhile). I figured I should work my mojo and experiment with a slushy cold Hot chocolate. So I took the basic Cocoa/water/sugar/salt mixture from my Hot Chocolate and instead of adding 4 cups of milk and heating it I added 1 C cream and 2 C milk, added the vanilla and left it chilled. I wanted the flavor, and creaminess to be stronger for 2 reasons, I knew I wanted to add crushed Ice and it would water it down, AND the cream slush's better in the Ice Cream maker. I put it in for only 18-20 mins instead of the 25-30 I would normally do. Then I half filled a glass with crushed ice, scooped the Chocolate Slush in and topped it off with my normal Whipped Cream! Ta-da!!!! I was right the stronger taste was a bit much that FIRST sip, but once I stirred it with the ice cubes it turned out just right. It was perfection, the great taste of Hot Chocolate (vs Hershey's chocolate milk) but chilled, and thick (but not too thick, not a milkshake, runny slushier) I loved it. I think I'll also experiment with making a Hot Chocolate flavored Ice Cream for another fun change. Now that I live someplace that is always warm I needed to think outside the box, but simple cold Hot Chocolate wasn't hitting the spot. This, however, was a great treat! Of course it won't keep well in the slushy stage, so I let the rest go for a bit longer and froze it (not long enough to be thick ice cream though). Tomorrow I'll add some leftover slush scoops to crushed ice cubes, let it sit a bit, stir and it should be just right!