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February 28, 2010


I was asked by the ward I live in to make two cakes for a luncheon with the stake.  (ever ward donated 2 cakes each).  They were used as the center pieces for the luncheon and then eaten at the end.  While the cakes didn't need to be fancy I figured any time I get to make a cake with no set design I might as well try something I haven't done before.  For the first cake I went with this swirl design.  It seemed simple enough in theory.  But it's just so DRY here in UT.  I had to try it 4 times before I got the swirls to actually stay stuck to the fondant wrap.  I think next time I'll use a humidifier in the room with me and see if that goes better. 
fondant swirl cake ruffles
For the second one I wanted to try this fondant ruffle cake I'd seen.  Of course when I went to go find a picture of the cake I was thinking of I couldn't find it anywhere.  I guess I need to figure out some new search words, and save pictures I like better for inspiration.  I'm not pleased in how this one turned out. 
ruffled edge fondant cake royal icing stencil
It was missing something, a big flower topper or something, so I decided to try my new stencil with royal icing technique again.  I used a different stencil this time.  I LOVED the way this turned out, and wished I had just done this around the whole cake instead.  Oh well.  I think I figured out how to make the ruffles work better next time.  I need a larger ball tool, and larger foam pad.  I still think it could be really pretty, so I'll try it again sometime.
royal icing stencil cake fondant
In the end of course they were way fancier than they needed to be.  But I got rave review for how they tasted, and in the end that's really the most important part.  What's the point of a nice looking cake if it's not completely delicious?  I decorate for myself, I enjoy it and find it fun.  So while I'm glad people like the cakes I decorate, I'm more pleased when they like how it tastes.   I used my Favorite chocolate cake and my pistacho Mousse recipe for filling.  With Ganache frosting.  My favorite combination!