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January 24, 2010

Baby shower cake tale of woe

I got an order for a blue soccer ball cake for a baby shower.  Cute idea, right?  I do have all the paperwork for my business, but it's just a one woman show and I do it out of my house.  So I usually make my cakes late at night after my 4 kiddo's are in bed.  Last night I got this cake done in pretty good time.  I was pleased I wouldn't have to work on it during the day at all and could get some shopping done for a craft I'm working on.  Anyway.  Yesterday evening I drove up to the address to deliver the cake and when I got their and opened my trunk this is what I saw...
buttercream blue soccer ball cake grass baby shower
AAAKKKK!!!!!  I have NEVER had this happen to me.  It was snowing, and I did have trouble stopping very well, but it still shouldn't have fallen over!  I blame it on the fruit filling (I despise fruit filling, mostly because I'm not really a fan of many fruits!).  Luckily the shower isn't actually until this morning.  Another first, Usually I deliver the cake right before the event.  But I don't usually deliver cake's on Sunday's so that' why I was delivering Saturday night.  Good thing I did because I now have time to fix it. 
ruined soccer ball cake baby shower blue
Actually there was no fixing this cake.  The top have was still in decent condition, but the bottom completely cracked and broke.  SO I had to start from scratch.  I asked the client if I could use ganache instead of the fruit.  Once ganache dries it act's like a glue, It's really my favorite frosting to work with. The only negative is that it's not very thick, so frosting lovers aren't satisfied.  But with this cake, being a star tip and not fondant there is still plenty of icing.  I not only used ganache to 'glue' the layers together, but also around the entire outside to hold it better. Then a thin layer of butter cream and then the lines and the star's.  I actually thought this cake was much better than the first one, but no one else can probably see the little details that bugged me about the first one.  Anyway it's done and now I just have to get through the new snow without being late or getting stuck!
soccer ball cake buttercream baby shower blue