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November 07, 2009

Small wedding cake.

My husband's aunt called last night asking if there was anyway I could throw together a cake for a last min wedding.  The only thing she has been told it that it was for about 30 people.  So since there was no wedding colors or requests.  I went with something I'd been wanting to try for awhile.  Using stencils and royal icing on top of the fondant.  It didn't turn out as perfectly as I'd like, but I learned a TON from it and can't WAIT to try it again.  I might make a just for fun cake this week to try it again!  Getting the royal icing black was the hardest part, of course.  I used an entire container of black powder and half a container of black gel for just 1 cup of royal icing (started with chocolate royal icing).  My husband loved it, how striking the colors were together.  And his aunt said the wedding party liked it.  The only hitch was that the guest list ended up being much bigger than 30, more like 200+!  But the reception also included a full dinner, so hopefully most people ended up with at least a small piece!