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October 24, 2009

Vampire Cupcakes

My niece turned 13 yesterday.  The nice thing about moving here is that almost all of my husbands family live here.  I love making cakes for family and friends, so I hope that by living here I get to make more for family events!  Back to my niece...  one of her favorite books series is The Vampires Assistant.  So when she found out that the movie was coming out ON her birthday she decided to go to the Saturday matinee with her friends.  My contribution were these Vampire inspired cupcakes!  I haven't read the books myself so I wasn't sure what other characters/themes or direction to go.  So we stuck with simple.    I used my Mixed Berry Coulis for the "blood", it was the perfect texture, although getting it to "drip" right was difficult!  But in the end I enjoyed it.  To make the "teeth" holes without pulling the frosting off I dipped a pointed dowel in cornstarch before poking the holes.  It worked great!