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May 09, 2009

Iron Chef- Risotto (or other specialty cheese)

Tonight was our 2nd Iron chef dinner party. Since I won last month I was in charge of picking the secret ingredient. I picked Ricotta cheese, but our leader was worried it would be too difficult for everyone so we added the option to choose any specialty cheeses (we were trying to avoid the normal cheddar, mozzarella, etc that people use all the time).
I lost my photoshop when I got my new computer and haven't been able to upgrade to the version that will work on my new vista 64 bit yet. So I apologize that the pictures don't look as nice and as appetizing as they should. I've been putting off posting hoping to get the upgrade, but finally I'm just going to start posting...
The winner was the Polla Rosa. Chicken stuffed with a cheese filling and topped with onions and mushrooms. I enjoyed it and will try it myself, but without the mushrooms (maybe on one for my husband, but I'm not a fungus fan). I also have a recipe I wanted to make, but ran out of time, for ricotta stuffed pork chops.

Here are the others that were there. Ricotta Ice Cream (mine), nuetutella with Raspberry chili sauce and crackers, spinach manicotti, key lime pie, feta dip with chips and 4 cheese calzone.
I also made a ricotta risotto. The picture is extremely unappetizing. But the flavor was great. I didn't have risotto rice and used my Japanese rice. It wasn't quite right, but worth buying the right rice to try it again. I wish it had been just a little bit... runnier? (not quite the right word, but juicier doesn't work either) I think the correct rice will fix that problem though. I'll let you know next time I try it.