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January 27, 2009

To all the January birthday's out there...

Once a month the women in our church get together for a dessert night! This year they decided to also celebrate all the months birthdays during the evening so I offered to make a birthday cake. Of course something I've noticed at these things, women seemed scared to eat treats! I don't get it. Of course I live off a diet of chocolate with a side of chocolate and wash it down with hot chocolate! So very little of the cake was actually eaten! I brought plenty home for my sweet (and slightly chubby) husband.
You can't see very well, but I used my new pearl airbrush paint for the letters and small flowers. We have terrible lights at our new place and I can't seem to get a good picture of anything these days! I only had a few hours, so it was a quicky. It's not the most detailed, extraordinary or amazing cake ever, but I figured it's been so slow these days here on the blog I'd post it anyway.