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February 05, 2009

Dinosaur egg

My son just turned 6, and he picked a dinosaur party! Since my son doesn't even like cake I wanted to keep it simple! And so he picked a dinosaur egg. He wanted purple with dots. This is what we came up with.
I used purple, blue and burgundy, and mixed it with the fondant. I actually used normal fondant (trying to use up my supply before we move overseas) instead of the marshmallow fondant I've been using. I forgot how much easier it is to work with, although really gross... My baby LOVED it though, she kept eating it. Then I got to use my new pearl airbrush paint. It looked amazing, then I had to add the dots, in gold. I don't care for the dots, but that's what he wanted so... I also splattered gold and silver on the egg. The splatters looked good, I should have just done them, and told him they were spots. In the end it looked good and tasted great and the birthday boy was happy. That's all that matters, huh?