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January 14, 2009

Cape Cod Baby Shower

A few MONTHS ago I made this cake, it was actually the week after the hurricane in September. And since then life has been a little crazy. I completely forgot about posting it, and I just found the pictures! So I figured I might as well show it now. I donated a few certificates for cakes to my daughters school last year, and this used one of those certificates. The person who ordered this was actually the future grandmother and she lives here. We designed the cake to go with the cape cod bedding her daughter had chosen.
After we had it all design I found out that the shower was over 3 hours away in Austin! Having to make a cake that can be transported 3 hours the day before the event was difficult. Especially since they wanted one layer to be carrot with Creme cheese frosting! So I had to deal with refrigeration issues, fondant etc.... To solution was to keep the layers separated and have someone put it together there (so they could put the cream cheese frosting layer in the fridge overnight. I never got a good picture of it put together, so here is the best I have, this is right before they drove off! If you can't tell the top layer is supposed to be a lifesaver!