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January 13, 2009

Post concussion syndrome

So I started the new year out with a concussion. It was a week ago, and then 10 days later, the 13th, I fainted, and Bill made me spend the day in the ER getting checked out, MRI and all. They said it wasn't uncommon to get worse about 10 days later, and that it was called POST concussion syndrome. Nice fancy title for basically saying I'm fine. I have headaches, dizziness, memory loss, trouble concentrating, insomnia, nausea and disorientation. I'm having trouble emailing, blogging and following conversations, but they said as long as I can dress myself and make myself meals not to bother coming back in. Also this could take 4-6 months to get back to feeling like myself. SO I apologize for email response delays, forgetting to call any of you back, and a lack of pictures and posts. I'm spending my days getting the kids off to school, napping when the younger two nap, catching the return bus in the afternoons and trying to remember to make dinner (and lunch and breakfast) in a timely fashion. And that's about all I can seem to manage! So while we have a big month with lots of birthdays, and parties and even a few cakes to make I'm not sure when I'll get around to catching up, (since it's now the last day of the month) but hopefully soon! I'm fighting the urge to panic at the thought of forcing myself to think straight enough to type!