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April 24, 2008

Panna Cotta

So I had Book Club at my house this month. I had chose the book "The Miracles of Santo Fico" by DL Smith. So I decided to bake Italian based food.

I made Foccacia with olive oil, pepper and balsamic vinegar. I got this recipe from Dad~ baker & Chef. I've made this recipe before with great results but unfortunately this time I didn't use big enough pans, so they were very thick and the centers were WAY too doughy... They still tasted great, but I felt bad for my guests. Not one of them said anything and I didn't notice until later.

I also made my favorite bread sticks with Homemade Alfredo for dipping. I love these bread sticks. I got the recipe years ago from a good friend and make them all the time. My kids can eat an entire batch in one night.

I also made some Coconut pecan bread, that while it isn't Italian itself is similar to an Italian cake recipe I like, but the bread has a better success rate. I had Italian Cream cheese frosting to put with it but TOTALLY spaced it and it sat on my counter the whole evening instead of going out on the table.

And finally the recipe I've been wanting to make since September. Coconut Panna Cotta. Of course the afternoon of book club I had grand plans of making it to the grocery store, getting fresh berries and making my fruit coulis. But did that happen? No... So the panna cotta was by itself. It had a nice flavor, subtle, sweet, but not overly grand... after the event I tried it with some chocolate sauce and a fruit syrup, but they were totally wrong and had a bad effect. In fact I would say that this is one dessert that was not made better by chocolate.
The next day I got the chance to get some Blackberries and made the Coulis. AHHHHHH..... What a HUGE difference. It was perfection, a WONDERFUL balance, a great dessert. Easy to make and I plan on doing it again soon. I'm so glad I had leftovers...