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April 19, 2008

1st Birthday Cake

This was for my babies first birthday! I can't believe she's one already, and for her birthday the theme was dark pink, light pink and green flowers. I found a scrapbooking set I liked, then plates and went with that. Here is the place setting (with the favors around it, edible playdough with cookie cutters, homemade coloring book featuring the birthday girl and crayons, and bubbles.)

When your guests are adults and one year old's there isn't much to do other than eat cake! And that's what we did. The birthday girl got the top, and the rest of us shared the bottom layers. Here is a shot of the layers before I assembled them, you can see how they are shaped a bit better in this photo. This is the first time I covered the cake board with fondant. It was a nice touch and I plan on doing it again.