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September 11, 2007

The Ultimate Flourless chocolate cake part 2

Okay, So I couldn't let a CAKE beat me and I tried again. The last one was so bad I actually THREW IT AWAY!!! Unheard of for me. This time I used Ghirardelli's semi sweet chocolate and CAREFULLY watched the temperature. I think I got it this time. The texture is incredibly dense, creamy, thick and pretty even from the center to the edge. And the flavor is chocolaty, not just bitter. The best thing I can compare it to is a Truffle. It feels like a truffle, like eating an entire bag of truffles in one sitting. While I like truffles (I'd even say I like them a lot), I don't want an entire Slice of truffles, let alone an entire cake. I will admit it's good, but not even close to the perfection of the Chocolate Nemesis for me. But hey, that's just me. If you LOVE truffles you'll like this cake. Although I'm not sure if it should even be called cake. More like Truffle if the shape of a cake. One Idea I had was to cut it up, roll it in Cocoa and just say I made funny shaped truffles! Another one I'm thinking of is to chop some of it up and trying it in some ice cream, not The Best Ever Chocolate Ice Cream, just a simple chocolate (I think that vanilla is a waste of ice cream... Just me, I know it's the most popular flavor ever, but I don't even like vanilla with mix in's or vanilla based shakes....)
So other than watching the temperature the best advice I can say is: Take care to pick your chocolate carefully. While the Ghirardelli's was a huge improvement over the baking chocolate/semi sweet mixture of last time this time the taste was too chocolate chip-y. I know, I'm not making any sense, but if you eat a lot of chocolate you know what I'm talking about. Pick a chocolate you REALLY love. Like I love Cadbury, or even Dove. I like Ghirardelli's in my cookies, but not just for eating like a bar, a dense, creamy thick bar... I might also try adding in some flavor, I like dark chocolate ameretto so I might pick my favorite dark chocolate bar and add a few drops of ameretto flavoring (1 or 2 drops, you don't want it to be too over powering). Anyway, as you can see by the pictures, this one turned out much better than my last attempt at this cake, but I can't say I'll ever make it again.