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July 11, 2007

Just for fun

April 06
This chocolate one was just for fun! I saw the design and wanted to try it. Each of the 80 Chocolate roses are buttercream and not royal icing. SO I didn't make them in advance. I made them right then and there! My arm was pretty sore after that. But it was fun to put together the cake while gabbing with my Sister in Law. I used milk and dark chocolate to create the different colors and *trick alert*hershey kisses in the center (carmel kisses). The hersheys kiss is the perfect mound shape for buttercream roses! But don't use the chocolate if your going with lighter colored icing, use the Hugs.

The rattle cake was for a baby shower I threw. I did a pink/brown polka-dot theme and I just loved how cute the rattle turned out! Not a difficult design, but SO cute (and tasted amazing- pound cake with cream cheese frosting! MMMMmmmmmm!). I, of course, made a TON of other treats, but since this is my CAKE site I didn't show the rest...