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July 11, 2007

Birthday time again

January 06
We have 2 birthday's this month. These 2 ball cakes are a lot nicer and cooler than last year's ball cake! They were really different but both fun to make! The Soccer Ball was pretty easy, but time consuming. *trick alert* when trying to achieve black frosting start with chocolate, then add the icing GEL. Also, only work with a little bit of icing at a time. A little goes a long way.

The Fondant inlay cake was much more time consuming. For this one I covered it with a thin layer of fondant first, then rolled out different colors, used cookie cutters to get the shape of the ball and start laying then on the cake. When 2 would over lap I'd decide which part I wanted to show and cut the other one off. And to stick it to the cake you use CLEAR vanilla. It makes the fondant tacky and evaporates, leaving a pretty good glue. *trick alert* for the black and red on the balls I mixes a bit of coloring in with some clear vanilla and painted it on. The vanilla waters down the thick gell enough to paint with it, but since it evaporates, it doesn't water down the color.