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July 11, 2007

Final month of Cake Class

December 05
I loved working with Fondant, Yes, it's a little more expensive and definitely more time consuming, but it looks so nice and you can create so much more! The fondant roses were my favorite and I got the hang of it quickly. At this point my husband was getting sick of eating so much cake so we took these to parties we were attending, it worked out well!

This one I did in Blue for a party at our house after the Homecoming game. We lost, but had good cake! The gold, we'll I needed another color, and it looks good with Blue

This one was the final cake, and for me it was practise for the wedding cake I'd be doing the next month. I still just love those roses. And we took this to a church Christmas party, that was extremely early in the year! I actually finished the cake at a Saturday morning make up class and went right to the church, so I didn't get to go home and take nice pictures. I still regret not just wiping off the crumbs from the table for this picture!