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July 11, 2007

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Holiday's 05

We got to Host Thanksgiving at my house this year! It was so much fun having my parents and siblings and cousins at MY house. I ended up making about 4 desserts, and of course one HAD to be a cake. This Turkey (with cookie tail) was SO much fun! Although if you look closely you can see where my 3rd child go to some of the cookies (bottom right).

And then for Christmas Eve with My husbands family we took the wreath cake. I can do alot with cakes, and I think I'm pretty good, but I CAN NOT write on cake's I feel bad I even tried. It would have looked better without my scribbles. Oh well, live and learn. The poinsetta is still one of my favorite royal icing flowers! And since you can'd do ready, this dark pink is the closest I could do. I've since learned a few more tricks. *trick alert* when trying to do red on your own use burgundy first, and get it as dark as possible, then use red. You still won't achieve RED, but it will be much closer than this.