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February 23, 2009

Pink Soccer Ball!

soccer ball cake fondant pink grass airbrush
On Sunday after church a got a request for a birthday cake today! Not much notice, but I was free and it was easy so I said yes. Her daughter loves pink and soccer and this is how it turned out. I had some trouble with the fondant around the bottom, it just wouldn't press back into itself very well today. I think this fondant wasn't as fresh as my last batch. Although it kneaded together fine. I did use my new pearl airbrush paint, but you can't tell very well in this shot. Just before going to deliver it I thought it needed something and I added the buttercream grass. Presto, it went from nice, to totally cute. I was so glad I thought of it. I'm still not remembering or thinking of these kinds of things these days (concussion) so I am grateful!