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March 14, 2008

Texas Cookies

So today I dropped 2 dozen cookies for a lunch at church for a Missionary conference. Since the Missionaries are from all over and just here in TX for 2 years I thought Texas Shaped cookies were appropriate. I was going for red, but ran out of my red dye. Time to go buy some more! I hope they like PINK! I also changed my frosting recipe for the first time EVER! I've always used my mom's/Grandma's tried and true butter, milk, powdered sugar and flavoring, Always peppermint. I LOVE mint, not just any mint thought, I love PEPPERMINT! But my Husband has always complained that when I make these cookies anytime throughout the year that they always taste like Christmas. SO I decided to go for a change. Instead of milk and flavor I took my favorite Hot Chocolate Creamer (I don't drink Coffee, but adore Hot Chocolate), Amaretto, and used that instead. I was afraid it would be too overpowering, or not enough so. I have to say it was perfect. And next time I go to the grocery store I'm going to get more flavors to try on my next batch. We make cookies about once a month. I hope they still have some of the Holiday creamers left... I've been wanting to try the gingerbread one, but had no desire for it in my Hot Chocolate, cookies would be perfect! I'm wondering what else I use milk for that could benefit from a little jolt of flavor...