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September 30, 2007

Lesson's in Chocolate

Today is the last day of the month and tomorrow I get to start working on our Challenge for October. In recap of our Flourless Chocolate cake Month... I LOVED the Chocolate Nemesis and just LIKED the Ultimate Flourless Chocolate cake.

Okay, I have to admit that I've made the Chocolate Nemesis 7 times this month. Although 5 of those were half batches and 3 of the batches we gave away... But still, 7 times, it is that easy to make! And THAT good. I've made them in 5 different pans and they've worked well each time. As long as you cook it long enough it's hard to ruin! (by the Way, a friend with a Convection oven said that the time was more accurate in her oven)

So I've tried different chocolate each time. The first time I used a mixture of Bakers Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Squares, Hershey's Special Dark Bars, and Nestle's Semi Sweet Chips. I went for an equal 1/3 of each. And as you might have read about, it was FANTASTIC, not too sweet, nice and dark, but not to bitter or heavy. Another time I used all Hershey's Special Dark Bars and the flavor was nice... But too sweet for me, and a little too pudding, dense. I also tried just a mixture of Bakers Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Squares and Nestle's Semi Sweet Chips. It was okay, not quite dark enough, and tad too much of that Chippy taste I mentioned in the Ultimate Flourless Chocolate cake. Next I tried the best ever. Simply using Bakers Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Squares. It was the Best EVER, not just taste, but texture as well. It was simply amazing! The only issue with the baking Squares is they are double the cost of chips! So I next tried Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chocolate Chips. It was fine, the flavor was nice, but still just too Chippy. I guess I just don't like whatever they put in chips to make them chips! I like the bars and Squares much better. It's hard to describe, but you can TELL that it was made from Chocolate chips. Anyway, it was also much more thick and more fudge/truffle texture, like the Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Cake we made earlier. In fact I'm going to re-try that cake with the baking chocolate to see if I like the texture and flavor better. So next time there is a sale on Baker's chocolate you KNOW I'm going to be buying out the store! The only thing I haven't tried is using a substitute of just plain Baking Cocoa and butter, but I don't know if I'll bother. But I do plan on trying other brands of the Bittersweet Baking Bar... I'll let you know!