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August 17, 2007

Yellow roses...

I've been working on this latest cake for a few days, just a little at a time. And now everything is baked, the filling is made and the flowers are almost done drying. So tomorrow I have to level, fill and frost the cakes, Stack and decorate them. And of course get them to the location in one piece and on time. Since I don't have my husband around to help like the other times I've done all this (he was on Christmas break from school when I did my other wedding cakes) it's been interesting getting it all done. So I promised some play by play. Here is the latest, blow by blow of making a cake.

Here are the royal icing roses I've been slowing getting done. I did 3 different colors and 2 sizes each. I did over 130 roses! The first batch took longer than I would have liked, I guess I'm a little out of practise. By the next 2 batches I wizzed through! A couple bit the dust (actually the mouth, my 3rd child ate them!), but 128 are keepers.

The cakes I did over 2 days in 3 inch pans. It creates a much taller cake that way, very elegant. *trick alert* to get an amazingly moist cake you let them cool for 10 mins in the pan- upside down- and then when they cooled enough to touch them- but still very warm, about another 10 mins- you wrap them twice in plastic wrap and freeze them. It freezes all the moisture in, instead of the steam leaving the cake as it cools. Then that them out of the freezer and let them thaw, cut and decorate. Make sure you let them thaw all the way, you don't want condensing on the side of a cake that's been frosted. Then this is the filling, a great mousse recipe that you can adapt to any flavor thanks to the use of pudding! I also have been known to use the extra for a pie!

And last is my 3rd child, the helper, look at the size of that tongue! We get it from my dad!