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July 12, 2007

Back to the present.

So that is all the catch up of my cake history! From here on out it will be new, up to date stuff. Looking back on these pictures I can't believe that I havn't made a cake all of 2007! But having a baby and moving does limit my cake decorating chances. I did do birthday cakes, but nothing fancy or time consuming. I have a wedding cake planned for next month. I've limited my wedding cakes to winter breaks the last few years, since that is when my husband had time to help with the kids. So this August cake (while he is out of the country) will be interesting. I'll keep you up to date with blogs around that time period on how I do with all 4 kids still home for summer break and no husband around to help! This blog will also help keep me motivated to remember to do the fun and fancy stuff for the kids birthdays and holidays. It's the whole reason I learned, but havn't been very good at doing it for them! I have a whole design list of things I want to do for each holiday. I guess the next one is Halloween!!! I completely missed Fathers day and the 4th of July this year.