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August 18, 2007

18 cups of frosting.

So today I finished the latest wedding cake. I was really please, it turned out well. Again, going with the brides design choices here. I'm not really a yellow fan... ANYWAY, here is more of the process. When I got up today first I cut off the tops of all the layers to make them flat, and make sure they were all the same size. Then I decided to change it a bit and make each layer a different height. Since I knew the cake was big enough they were going to have leftovers I knew I could cut a bit here and there. So then I filled each layer with our vanilla cream cheese mousse (MMMMMmmmmm!!!!) and frosted them smooth. But not "ironing" smooth, I left it with a rough buttercream finish, rather than the super smooth since it was a more casual open house reception. Then I measured cut and put the dowels in. After that I stacked the layers and pushed the longest dowel through all 3 layers to keep them from sliding around. Usually I do this AT the reception center, but this one was at the brides parents house and without a babysitter I risked putting it together at home and transporting. Over all I think I chose the right risk.

I stopped to nurse the baby at one point and came back in to find an entire side scraped by little fingers. I wish I had remembered to get a shot of that, but I was able to fix it. Overall I expected something a bit worse...