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July 11, 2007

Sweet 16

October 06,

Again, another favorite cake. I got to do a lot of fun ones in a row this year. This was a "wonky" or "crazy" cake. *trick alert* to create the "wonky" look I made extra tall cake layers (3 inches each, instead of the usual 2) and then froze each layer, then I "carved them" while frozen and then let them thaw before frosting. My husband and kids loved the extra cake chunks. I made this one for my cousins sweet 16! It was so much fun to design and decorate for her. I learned a lot from this cake (of course, each one is still such a learning experience). I put too much frosting under the fondant, and it kind of ruined the shape a bit. But I was really pleased with how it turned out, and of course the birthday girl loved it, and that made it even better! Of course we forgot the candles! I hadn't done a birthday cake in so long that that it hadn't once entered my brain to bring candles!