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July 11, 2007

Pre-Class cakes

Here are 2 examples of the kinds of cakes I was doing without class. They were good, cute, but simple. Looking back now I still like them, so that's a good thing. But I do see ways I could have done SO much better if I did them over now.

This is Jan 05, for a boy's birthday. My favorite thing about this cake you can't even see! I made each cake a different height! It was 3-D in a way. AND the frosting was this GREAT marshmallow frosting recipe I have. MMMmmmmmm!

Here is a Castle cake I did for my daughter. Most of what I would change is to use a better buttercream recipe. The one I used for this was SO disgusting, like eating raw butter with a bit of sugar! AND I would use different tips to decorate, rather than candy. I got the idea from Familyfun. My little boy ate all the blue jello (the "moat") and I learned something new! Any thing containing lots of blue dye will change the color of your poop to an extreme, almost florescent, green (and dye the diaper wearing 2 year old's bottom green for a week) , no matter how young or old you are!