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October 10, 2009

Mario birthday Cakes and cupcakes

My son got invited to a classmate's birthday party, and I was asked to make a cake and cupcakes for the party! After looking at some inspiration online I found a few cute patterns to base my cake on and I was ready to bake. I have a few great recipes that I've collected and perfected over the last few years. But the birthday boy wanted a yellow cake! I've never been asked for yellow cake so I soured the Internet and my favorite sites looking for some well rated and reviewed recipes. I tried 4 different recipes and they all fell flat! It was terrible! I'm not sure if it's the altitude, or what but it was a nightmare. Luckily the last try didn't fall too badly and it was usable. I carved the face, and was really pleased with how great it turned out!
mario cake carved fondant birthday
I don't normally do cupcakes, and while they are very time consuming, it was a fun change. But I'm glad I got to do a cake too. Cakes are just SO much fun to do and it really MADE the cupcakes. I enjoyed it! And it was great to get back into cake making. Things have been really slow since the move, so if your in UT give me a call! I really miss it!
mario mushroom cupcakes fondant birthday