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June 06, 2008

Itty Bitty Birthday

A friend of mine turned 27 today. She's been going through some interesting challenges lately and her husband really wanted to make her birthday special, and was trying to plan some fun stuff she'd really like. Since she'd mentioned she liked my cakes he called and asked me to do something small in fondant for their family (this little cake feeds 12-14). After talking over ideas he decided to use their wedding flowers/colors. Bright Yellow, Orange and Pink Gerber Daisies. And he really liked the idea of a crazy silly wonky cake. It was a white coconut cake with cream cheese frosting (although not much, it was so warm today- and my air conditioner is broken, that it all squeezed right out the bottom...) and almond marshmallow frosting. It was a new recipe, and I was really pleased with it. A nice texture, firm, holds the shape well. A subtle flavor, the coconut is great, but not too strong or over powering. Something to make again.